So I'm delighted that one of my stories, titled "The Stroller," has been named Runner-up in Feminine Inquiry's 2015 Fall Fiction Contest. Many thanks to the editors, Jourden and Cole, for being so awesome to work with. Print or electronic copies of Issue 2 will be available on their website soon.

Denise wasn’t hiding. No, she had done that for years and knew what it was. Today, her kids had seen her go into the garage, and they let her be.

Denise had come out here for a 28-ounce can of stewed tomatoes and stayed—sitting on the cool cement floor, palms out behind her—for the stillness. For so long, she had occasionally hidden—in bathrooms and closets (and even, in another sense, by keeping busy with nonessential tasks)—from her children. And from their pleas for another snack, for a different coloring book, for untangling necklaces, and a million other innocent requests that, taken together, were exhausting...